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Welcome to Tucson Gynecology!

Dr Ratheany Sakbun founded Tucson Gynecology in early 2010. The goal and mission of this practice is to provide comprehensive, individualized and quality care to the women of Tucson. The practice has a calming ambiance and soothes with the sounds of a water feature and relaxing music throughout the office. It is equipped with the latest apparatus and equipment and utilizes electronic medical records for better efficiency and optimal patient care.

A woman's body is ever changing , and our needs vary at different stages of womanhood. At Tucson Gynecology, we strive to manage and take care of those needs in a friendly and cohesive manner, empowering patients with as much knowledge as we can. We will take the time to listen to our patients. We will continually update, train and master new cutting edge techniques and procedures for the benefit of our patients. At Tucson Gynecology, Women Come First!